vi. Inouï ( and free )


String Figures - Chapter Six - Inouï (and free)

Traditional Inuit culture meets techno-futurism in this beguiling audio-visual explosion. Part of an ongoing audiovisual album—titled 'String Figures'—from Belgian-based musician Zoë McPherson, this film—directed by Italian director Alessandra Leone—explores the interface between traditional Inuit culture, Western commercialism, and virtual spaces.

Direction - Alessandra Leone
3D Animation - Andreas Barden
DoP - Julian Moser
Music written, arranged and performed by - Zoë Mc Pherson
Live percussions (congas, bendhir, repik) - Falk Schrauwen
Mixed at - Low Man's Land
Mastered by - Rashad BeckerProduced by Zoë Mc Pherson
Thanks to the support of Flanders, state of art.