SFX - Logo Animation


SFX - Logo Animation


Logo Design: Ciaran Birch
Motion Graphics: Alessandra Leone
Sound: Zoë Mc Pherson

SFX is a hybrid label developing and releasing objects and experiences across various mediums.

I processed the SFX logo designed by Ciaran Birch, using an iterative algorithm for random sections removal and image inpainting. The idea was expanding the main logo design into a variable dynamic identity.
This reflects the creative concept of the hybrid label and the idea of hybrid outputs release, as well as its focus on criss-crossing collaborative trans-media.
The logo animation, on Zoë Mc Pherson sound design, is created by sorting and sequencing the images rendered by the graphic manipulation system.

SFX Logo Animation Motion Alessandra Leone
SFX Logo Animation Motion Alessandra LeoneSFX Logo Animation Motion Alessandra Leone



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