SABBIA -Alessandro Cortini

Berlin Commercial Shortlist nomination 2020

SABBIA -Alessandro Cortini

SABBIA is the second Music Video release from Alessandro Cortini’s VOLUME MASSIMO. This was a co-direction with Emilie Elizabeth, who created the artworks for the album, and was developed from her initial visual concept.

Directors: Emilie Elizabeth + Alessandra Leone
DoP/Camera: Julian Moser
Colorist: Lutz Forster
Dancers: Maurice Jabar Werner + Darwin Stapel
Wardrobe Consultant: Raki Fernandez
Grooming: Carmen Rachel
Special thanks: Johanna Liebl and UY Studio, HvH Studios

'Sabbia' video at Berlin Atonal
︎︎︎ World premiere of 'Volume Massimo' at Berlin Atonal - 2019 - Photo by Emilie Elizabeth ︎︎︎

SABBIA set design Cortini Alessandro Leone
SABBIA set design Cortini music video



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