Rescuer - Emel Mathlouthi


Rescuer is Emel Mathlouthi's first single track from her 2019 album "Everywhere We Looked Was Burning" out Sept, 27 2019 on Partisan Records.

Directed by Alessandra Leone⁣
⁣Producer Haroun Al-Shaater⁣
⁣Cinematography byJulian Moser⁣
⁣Stylist Raki Fernandez⁣
⁣Art director Shay T Govhary⁣
⁣Hair and Makeup Samantha Pottmaier⁣
⁣Dancers Ichi Go & Danilo Andres⁣
⁣Colourist Lutz Forster⁣
⁣Gaffer Timo Bevaqua⁣
⁣Best Boy Fynn Koppenbrink⁣
⁣Assistant Camera Hendrik Kintscher⁣
⁣Art assistant David Bonsai⁣
⁣Director’s PA Silvia Procopio⁣
⁣Driver Krishna Bonadonna⁣
⁣Stills Photographer Caroline Wimmer⁣
⁣Location ScoutOlivia Stubbe⁣
⁣Catering La Vie en Toast⁣

Emel Mahtlouthi dancer forest
Rescuer Emel Mathlouthi music video
Emel Mahtlouthi dancer music video
Emel Mahtlouthi performer paint body



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