Inouï (and free) - Zoë Mc Pherson


Zoë Mc Pherson - String Figures Audiovisual Album

Chapter VI - Inouï (and free)

Direction - Alessandra Leone
3D Animation - Andreas Barden
DoP - Julian Moser
Music written, arranged and performed by - Zoë Mc Pherson
Live percussions (congas, bendhir, repik) - Falk Schrauwen
Mixed at - Low Man's Land
Mastered by - Rashad BeckerProduced by Zoë Mc Pherson
Thanks to the support of Flanders, state of art.

Traditional Inuit culture meets techno-futurism in this beguiling audio-visual explosion. Part of the audiovisual album 'String Figures' from Belgian-based musician Zoë McPherson, this film explores the interface between traditional Inuit culture, Western commercialism, and virtual spaces.

Transitioning from shots filmed at dusk, when time expands, holds still and then fades away quickly, we dive deep into the 3d world of Andreas Barden.
The music unfolds a world of colour and light, organic textures, gestures, transformations,   energy, tactile explorations, digital atavism, contacts.
It is a strange but familiar parallel universe where moving textures engage in a dialogue as they were creatures stranded or suspended in an unknown space.

The narrative takes cues from the music, which has very distinct sections, changing type of geometries, quality of movements as well as colour palettes. The constant morphing and shifting of different rhythms and the way by listening we focus on one and then another , led to the idea of creating long looping animations that could lay in parallel on the timeline while editing would flit between them. a feeling of things continuously rolling and us being in these abstract landscapes exploring, meditating, finding.

︎Vimeo STAFF PICK Feb, 2018

︎ Premiere on Nowness

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Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin 2020 - BEST MUSIC VIDEO
Aphrodite Film Awards 2019 - BEST MUSIC VIDEO
Rome Prisma Film Awards 2019 - FINALIST CATEGORY MUSIC VIDEO
Berlin Independent Film Festival  - BEST MUSIC VIDEO 2019
Berlin Music Video Awards 2018- BEST EXPERIMENTAL
Showdown XI Brooklyn, NYC - FINALIST

ACMI x NOWNESS, Melbourne - 2019
Silver Sound Showdown Music + Video Festival, New York 2019
Hafenkunstkino, Düsseldorf
VAEFF Video Art and Experimental Film Festival, New York  2019
Berlin Independent Film Festival 2019
Austin Film Festival 2018North American Premiere
Open World Animation Festival Allentown, PA USA -

International Music Video Underground Paris 2019 - Best Animated Music Video
Krakow Film Festival

Inoui music video night shot red light
Inoui Mc Pherson Leone 3d c4d detail



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