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motion design, editing, live visuals and direction.

Born 1983 in Milan, IT.



I turn complex ideas into slick, effective, visual concepts.
My approach is smart, inquisitive and inspirational.

And I am very passionate about all this!

I am an experienced Motion Graphics Designer.
I developed a strong interest for  mathematics, science, computers and coding from an early age and studied Classical Piano and Flute for over 10 years.
I got a Bachelor Degree in Product Design at Milan Design University ( Politecnico di Milano ), and a Master Degree in Communication Design with a focus on film and video.
While writing my final thesis ( on New German Cinema ), I moved to Berlin, where I started an internship at I-D Media - communication agency -. From intern to trainee and to freelancer, I then wanted to gain more experience on set and film post-production, and was hired by Watchmen Berlin. Soon after, I became Head of Motion Graphics. 

Since then, I have been designing both as in-house go-to gal and studio/agency hotshot. I’ve worked with several brands and institutions , including Adidas, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Cisco, Bundes Ministerium für Finanz, Transparency International, Magneti Marelli.As a freelancer, I was hired - and still collaborate with - a number of studios and agencies, like Playmedia, Watchmen, DCMN, Onformative, Rail Digital, Lovestone Films, Zalando.

While mastering motion graphics and animation skills, I research the use of new technologies in combination with film and video for the creation of new digital media that are interactive, incorporate two-way communication or involve computing.
I experiment with aesthetics and techniques, extending my practice to new fields of development in collaboration with different artists, designers, musicians, dancers, through self-initiated and commissioned works of different kind (interactive media installations, generative design and dynamic visuals for stage).

As live visuals artist I collaborate with different musicians creating ad-hoc interactive projections, lighting installations, volumetric light manipulations. In 2012 I founded together with Lenka Kocisova and Hen the StratoFyzika performing group. StratoFyzika researches audio, visuals, interactive technologies and dance in an interdisciplinary way to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience where numbers, frequencies and bodies merging into a final equation on stage.

I recently started directing, something I love doing and where my broad range of skills comes to hand. 



performance group work, a/v collaborations


Interactive Audiovisual Performance Group
Berlin - Lisbon

As an interdisciplinary collective, StratoFyzika creates immersive,mind-altering performance experiences through a hybrid of new media, dance and spatial soundscapes. →→



A/V, Live Visuals, Interactivity →→

Motion capture, inertial sensors systems, generative audioreactive content, volumetric light, unusual uses of projection and light, responsive stage design.
Borderless interdisciplinary and collaborative artistic works as a result of creative processes of
research and mutual inspiration.

Pushing boldly into unknown worlds, translating a mixture of traditional and contemporary concepts into physical motion, dance, music and visual displays.
A striking and experimental style that skates along the line between abstract and concrete, dream and reality, digital and analog, exploring the limits of perception and experience, beauty and the transient nature of the universe.


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